Bundesliga Saison 2013/2014

Bundesliga 2013/2014

Abschlussbericht: Was hat eigentlich Maniküre mit Fußball gemeinsam? Nicht viel könnte man meinen, außer es spielen die Bayern!

Das deutsche Finale

German Final in Wembley

It was the day of revenge. The day the Phoenix should finally arise from the ashes. After two final game defeats within four years and the trauma of the home game final, the only thing that counted was a victory...

Vorbericht Finale

Preliminary Report CL Final

Well who would have thought that FC Bayern after this extremely painful and traumatic defeat in their own stadium would make it to the Finals in the following season! I had honestly thought that they would need a little longer to recover from the shock...

Rekordmeisterschaft 2013

German Championship 2013

The stinger that the North Rhine -Westphalia inflicted upon us, sat deep. They have twice, one after another, snapped the German Championship away from us. 2011 and 2012 - of course an absurdity for the Bavarians.

Finale Dahoam

FC Bayern vs. Chelsea

The home final: How long has it been? Oh yes, almost six months my telephone display tells me, as I am writing this. Ouch and it still really hurts...

Kein Sechzger Fan

No TSV 1860 Fan!

They are definitely many interesting stories as to how one becomes a fan of a football club. For the one it was the father, the other the uncle who was already a fan. For others it was a whole different story.